Handmade Jewellery

The Shake Your Glass hand crafted jewellery collection is a fabulous way to adorn yourself with bespoke decorative items. The range includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and cufflinks.

Handmade jewellery is as it suggests made by hand, not made by machines. Designer Elisa Mott handcrafts each piece using her glassmaking skills. As each piece is made individually by hand you can be certain that no two pieces will be the same making them special and unlike anything else. Elisa has a distinctive colourful quirky style that delights her customers making them feel individual and confident.

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The glassmaking skills that are used to create the Shake Your Glass handmade jewellery collection are lampworking and glass fusing.

Lampworking often referred to as flame working or torch working as it suggests uses a torch to melt the glass. Elisa uses this technique to make her glass beads. She works with quality Italian soft glass because of the vast colour range and the nature of the glass’ malleability in the flame. The glass is heated until molten and gently wrapped onto a clay dipped stainless steel rod called a mandrel. Once a base bead shape has been formed it is then ready to decorate. The heat is kept evenly throughout the process so that thermal shock causing cracking does not occur. Once made the beads are then placed straight into a kiln so that the beads can be annealed.

Glass Fusing is the joining of glass using the power of an electric kiln to melt it together. Elisa uses this technique for handmade jewellery and home ware designs. She mainly works with the American Bullseye sheet glass as it is designed for art glass purposes. The process varies depending on what look is to be achieved with different levels of melting for textures and a variety of power tools to create different visual effects. Some pieces may take several firings in the electric kiln to achieve the desired look.

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