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Artisan maker of glass jewellery, homeware gifts and art using the techniques of kiln forming glass and lampworking.

With a unique jewellery range that is distinctive, colourful and eye catching. Creating quality homeware collections and art pieces will energize your style and bring a striking focus to your living spaces. I, Elisa work from The Maker’s Guild in Portsmouth. This is a collective of makers and inventors in an open workshop area based in Portsmouth Guildhall. I offer a wide choice of styles across my range of glassware and can advise you on the many options available to you. I also provide bespoke services for all my products.

Coastal Curlew Range

Living close to Farlington Marshes which overlook Langstone Harbour gives no end of inspiration. From the diversity of habitats including mudflats, saltmarsh and meadowlands; to the changes in Season bringing varied flora and fauna. Langstone Harbour is of special conservation interest and holds Ramsar status.
As an avid birdwatcher it was no surprise that I felt my first glass art collection had to embrace this. The Curlew bird is unmistakable. It is the largest European wading bird and is recognised for its long down curved bill and beautiful piping call. I wanted to represent them against a watercolour, abstract background. At Langstone the sunrises and sunsets can show vivid orange so it was essential for me to capture this.

Coastal Curlew Coaster

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Delta Homeware

My Delta collection has been inspired by the breath-taking Okavango Delta in Botswana. This vast inland delta system found in the North of Botswana, Africa. It forms part of the Kalahari Desert.

I was lucky enough to visit in the wet season 2018. I am an avid wildlife traveller. This area is known for one of the richest densities of mammals in Africa. It not a surprise that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. As a National park area, the animals are free to roam without barriers which is quite a rarity in Africa today. I will return if the opportunity arises in the dry season also visiting Namibia.

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