How did you get into glass?

I was bead shopping at the Farnham Bead Fayre and saw a demonstration on making glass beads. This was awesome – I wanted to do it. So my friend and I went and had some lunch while I deliberated over buying the start up kit…. I put it on the credit card and the journey began.

How about Fused Glass?

I went to a glass clock making workshop the year after discovering lampworking. I then used the workshop at Making Space in Havant once a month with access to all the equipment to develop my basic skills. This also helped me decide whether this was the right medium for me.

What are the techniques called?

I practice lampworking – glass bead making and glass fusing – melting together layers of sheet glass in the kiln.

Do you have your own kiln?

Yes I am fortunate enough to have 2 now – a small Caldera and a Skutt Hotstart Pro.

I make fused glass but don’t have a kiln. Is yours available to hire?

Unfortunately not at the moment – I only have a small kiln and it is working like a power horse!┬áDo contact me though as I have a network of glass friends with larger kilns.

Where are you located?

Drayton,Portsmouth, Hampshire. UK.

Do you attend local events?

Yes there is a list under Events & Stockists Tab.

If I have an idea will you take a commission?

Yes I love commission work. I am honest about my ability and will tell you if I am able to achieve your vision.