Butterfly Sculpture

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Myself, Lucille the blacksmith and Jan the ceramacist had a meeting months ago and decided we were going to design a new type of butterfly sculpture. We wanted it to be suitable for both the home and garden and that could be bought as a kaleidoscope of butterflies or indiviually. We were set to wow you with are new work back in April at Wisley Show but alas this didn’t happen.

We are hoping that Stansted will go ahead and that we can show off our beautiful designs that we are very proud of.

Below are some examples of the finished Buttefly Sculptures in situ – they can be mounted on screws or strong magents.

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These photos below show some of the processes behind the scenes. Fired Glass Wings in the kiln. Adding the Copper Antenna. Hammering the shape into the stainless steel body. Lucille and I looking very proud of ourselves and her trusting me with a hammer!

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Finally some close ups of our callaborative work….. These are the Mini version of our Glass and metal Butterflies.

These will be priced at £68 each and you are welcolme to choose the coloured glass for your butterflies as we can make to order. Any questions feel free to drop me a message!

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