Pamodzi Awards 2021

lazyloaded image

It was a pleasure to be asked to make the awards for the Pamodzi Inspirational Women of Portsmouth Awards 2021.

We came up with a new design that I was able to achieve from my temporary garage workshop and then production began.

So a little bit of insight into the process behind the awards. As you know my knowledge is the glass but I needed to use some other skills to make the awards look professional. As Roni (Director of Pamodzi Creatives) says there is always a tribe of people behind you to help make things happen. It could be people with technical skills you don’t have or emotional support with your loved one bringing you a cuppa while you work.

So below are two great companies that these awards wouldn’t have happened without.

I used the process of glass screen printing to get the Pamodzi logo onto the awards as a crisp icon. The screen was made for me by the lovely ladies at Screen Easy

My Maker’s Guild colleague and friend Ben from Master Crafted Miniatures made the plaques for me with his epic laser cutter.

I have posted some more process photos on my Facebook page if you are interested.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me an email.